Services A-I


We have experience working with the thousands of carpet colors, textures, and other options you have to choose from when installing carpet. When it's convenient for you, we'll make a visit to measure the rooms you've selected and make note of any special installation requirements. Most carpet installations are completed in a day or two.


Bathroom and window caulking can deteriorate over time and require replacing. When that time comes, we specialize in caulking around your tub, shower, sink, backsplash, windows and more in your bathroom, kitchen, and in  any other room you require or outside the home. Caulking services usually are completed in one day or less.

Chimney Cleaning

Chimneys can build up with soot and require cleaning to operate smoothly and cleanly. How often you clean it depends on how often you use your fireplace; we also offer inspections to determine whether it's needed. Chimney cleaning can be a very messy job, so leave this one to the pros.

Chimney cleaning can take an hour or two to complete.

Complete Roofing Crew

The skilled team at Top Choice Remodeling provides a complete roofing crew and certified roofers on all roofing jobs. We have worked with a wide variety of shingle and other roofing surfaces. 

Door Repair + Replacement

Whether you need repair services or door replacement for your garage door or other interior or exterior doors, we are the pros to hande it. We have worked with hundreds of replacement options including wood, fiberglass, and composites and can recommend the best option for your home. 


The life of a driveway depends on regular maintenance and quality coating. If your driveway is asphalt or blacktop, sealcoating is the recommended way to go, and should be done by a licensed professional to ensure the longest driveway life. We also offer pressure washing services, paving, gravel driveway repair, asphalt repair, and blacktop resurfacing.

Deck Repair

A deck in disrepair can not only put a halt on barbeques, but can be dangerous as well. Whether you need repairs, cleaning, pressure washing, staining, or upgrading to composite or higher-end wood, we are here for your specific deck needs. Depending on whether conditions at your home, regular deck maintenance requires a recoating every 2-5 years, and with good care decks can last 20 to 30 years or more.

Drywall Crew

Using drywall in your home is way to help insulate and fireproof your home in a cost-effective, attractive way. Our drywall crew can install drywall on both walls and ceilings, ensuring quality and safety. 

Floor Joists +
Sill Plates

Floor joists run from sill plate to sill plate; when your floor is sagging that's when you know they need maintenance or replacement. Whether you need floor joists and sill plates installed on your foundation or deck, we can help you determine how far apart, and what size and length of lumber to use. 


Adding fencing to your yard can be a great way to add your personal style to your home and keep pets in or critters  out. The cost to install a fence depends on many factors including length of fence, type of material needed, and local regulations. 

Hardwood Floors

Replacing and refinishing your hardwood floors come with hundreds of choices including finish, solid hardwood, sheet vinyl or vinyl plank, and which trim and molding to use. We care just as much about installation as we do repairing and refinishing, The health of your hardwood floors depends on how they are maintained and cared for. 


Proper insulation is necessary to keep your home warm and dry and weatherproofed during all seasons. We offer spray foam, cellulose, and fiberglass, depending on your home's specific needs. We also offer insulation removal servies if the insulation has been damaged by water or fire.