Services J-S

Licensed Electricians

When making changes to your wiring including planning out, installing, and internal or external maintenance, opt to go with a professional, licensed electrician. Our licensed electricians are trained to identify and use the right electrical equipment for any particular job, which reduces errors and maintains a safe home environment. 

Licensed Plumbers

Top Choice Remodeling can help with all of your plumbing needs, from faucet replacement to toilet installation to sink and garbage disposal installation. We make your plumbing requirements as easy as possible.


Installing a mailbox is simple with Top Choice Remodeling. Our services include hole digging and concrete pouring, ensuring that your mailbox is straight, sturdy, and to code with city mailbox height ordinance.


Whether you need masonry installed around your mailbox, foundation, a fireplace built, or your home bricked, we have the experience and do so with care.


As an alternative to drywall, we also offer plastering services for your home. Plaster walls can be more soundproof than drywall, and can often provide better insulation and fireproofing, but depends on your particular home and needs. We offer services that start from scratch or repair damages. 

Painting Crew

Our professional painting crew has years of experience painting interiors, exteriors, fences, decks, and garage floors. Our services also include wallpaper removal and wall and ceiling texturing.

Remodeling Crew

Remodeling a house, garage, or shed takes time, patience, and the right team around you. Our remodeling crew will do the heavy lifting for you and take care to plan out the right choices for your family's home, from the inside out.


Screen repair, installation, or replacement is a quick but necessary way to improve the look of your home. There are many screen options for your doors and windows, and we can help you choose the best option.


A necessary way to keep your grout protected is regular sealing and maintenance. We also help clean and prevent future discoloration and wear. There may also be many other areas on your home that need to be sealed.

Sidewalk Repair

A cracked sidewalk is a way to invite injury or weeds. The team at Top Choice Remodeling can both resurface and repair your sidewalk, plus retexture and level.

Stair and Railing Repair

Your stairs and railings are a necessary part of your home, and regular maintenance will prevent accidents and wear. There are many styles, heights, and colors to consider, and we can help you choose the best stairs and railings for your home.

Structural Engineer Services

Your home's structural integrity depends on the home's foundation system. Whether your foundation needs to be completely redone, poured for the first time, or needs repairs, we are here for you.